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SonicWall TZ570 with 8x5 Support

SonicWall TZ570 appliance with 1 year of 8X5 support. No security services are included.
SKU: 02-SSC-5859

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Small to Medium Size Business
  1. Save space and money with an integrated gateway security solution with firewalling, switching and wireless capabilities
  2. Reduce complexity and get the business running without relying on IT personnel with easy onboarding using SonicExpress App and Zero-Touch Deployment, and easy management through a single pane of glass
  3. Attain business continuity by providing failover to cellular connectivity
  4. Protect network from attacks with a comprehensive security solution that incorporates VPN, IPS, CFS, AV and much more
  5. Boost employee productivity by blocking unauthorized access with traffic segmentation and access policies
Distributed Enterprise with SD-Branches
  1. Enhance customer experience and adapt to the changing business needs by enabling next-gen branch connectivity with SD-Branch
  2. Drive business growth by investing in next-gen appliances with multi-gigabit and advanced security features, to future-proof against the changing network and security landscape
  3. Secure networks from the most advanced attacks with advanced security features and automatically block threats on decrypted traffic using protocols such as TLS 1.3
  4. Leverage end-to-end network security with seamless integration of SonicWave access points, SonicWall Switches and Capture Client
  5. Ensure seamless communication as stores talk to HQ via easy VPN connectivity which allows IT administrators to create a hub and spoke configuration for the safe transport of data between all locations
  6. Improve business efficiency, performance and reduce costs by leveraging Gen 7 TZ's hardware and software enhancements, plus features such SD-WAN technology
  7. Scale quickly and effortlessly with SonicExpress App and Zero-Touch Deployment
  8. Ensure business continuity by providing failover to cellular connectivity
  9. Maintain compliance with security features, and leverage built-in and expandable storage to store logs for audit purposes
Diagram - SD Branch

A SonicWall support license provides telephone and web-based support, unlimited software/firmware updates and upgrades, and hardware replacement for units which have faults.

SonicWall support agreements provide technical assistance during the license coverage hours. A SonicWall technical specialist will work remotely with you to diagnose and identify software and hardware not performing to documented specifications. Support also includes general assistance regarding use and implementation on a limited basis.

SonicWall’s support offerings do not include step-by-step installation or configuration of products or services. If you need installation or configuration assistance, please contact us for a quote.

Support agreements provide for replacement of failing hardware (not applicable to the NSv series) returned to a SonicWall factory. The replacement product may be new, or like-new. In the event of product obsolescence, SonicWall reserves the right to replace failing product with a product of like or better features and functionality.

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