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Fastvue Reporter for IT

Relieve pressure on busy IT teams with clearer visibility of the network

Reduce time spent on troubleshooting with better bandwith and network security insights.

Fastvue Reporter collaborates seamlessly with your organisation's firewall, offering transparent insight into user and network operations. With real-time network monitoring, receive timely alerts regarding security threats, suspicious behaviour, and network utilisation, giving you confidence to maintain network security.

Network activity
See more across the entire network

With real-time reports and alerts, available on simple dashboards, Fastvue gives you greater insights in network usage.

Reduce the workload on the IT team

Reduce the burden on IT resources by directing simplified, automated reports and alerts directly to managers and well-being staff.

Customer service
Better and easier troubleshooting

Investigate threats, bandwidth issues, suspicious activity and other issues with ease.

Get better visibility and take faster action

Fastvue Reporter empowers you to pinpoint internet usage issues in real-time. Get an accurate understanding of online activities, all the while ensuring the safety and productivity of staff and the network.

  1. Internet usage reports

    See top users are, most-visited sites, and identify sites with the most unproductive or unacceptable visits, including YouTube. Locate searches for suspicious keywords, blocked sites, shadow applications etc.

  2. Department reports

    Send defined reports and alerts by department, office, company, group or manager for more precise reporting.

  3. User overview reports

    Generate comprehensive overview reports of all activity by user.

  4. Activity timeline reports

    Get insight into how long users spend on individual websites.

  5. Alerts

    Get instant alerts for dangerous, inappropriate and harmful activity and quickly take action (or deploy to the right person).

  6. Site Clean

    Fastvue’s Site Clean is a unique technology that cleans extraneous and unwanted advertising and other noise from browsed websites on your reports. Learn more

  7. IT, network and security reports

    Efficient reporting that easily indicates bandwidth issues and threat detection, summarises VPN activity and analyse firewalls for blockages, freeing up valuable IT time.

  8. Schedule, export, and share

    Schedule filtered reports by department, group, office, subnets etc and send automatically to the right person.

  9. Dashboards

    See in real-time what’s happening across the entire network. Dashboard focus on what the biggest network concerns: productivity, security and bandwidth.

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