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Fastvue Reporter for Education

Safeguard students online with better supervision | Monitor internet usage for harmful or inappropriate content

How can you monitor every single student without removing internet access completely, and hindering learning and curiosity at the same time?

It’s almost impossible to effectively achieve this without robust and always-on monitoring and reporting tools. And you can’t do better than Fastvue Reporter to proactively safeguard students online, whilst still providing them with access to a wider learning environment.

Fastvue Reporter creates a safer online environment for both you and your students.

Student wellbeing
Monitor student wellbeing

Know when/if students are accessing harmful content and engaging in risky behaviour online and act fast to mitigate harm.

Digital citizenship
Improve Digital Citizenship

Get greater visibility into students’ engagement with negative content shared around the school.

Customer service
Reduce the burden on IT

Automated reporting means your IT resources can be more meaningfully deployed while the right responders get alerts fast.

Get better visibility and take faster action

Fastvue Reporter empowers you to pinpoint internet usage issues in real-time. Get an accurate understanding of online activities, all the while ensuring the safety of students, staff and the network.

  1. Critical alerts on student well-being

    Send time-sensitive alerts, such as students searching for suicide or self-harm directly to Digital Safeguarding Leads in real-time as soon as the incident occurs.

  2. Report on student groups

    Easily segment and schedule reports for any student group. Heads of Year can receive web usage reports for their own year group, highlighting suspicious searches, unacceptable websites, and YouTube videos watched every day, week, or month.

  3. Keywords

    Fastvue's extensive, customisable, and continuously updated keyword database flags suspicious activity related to suicide and self-harm, extremism and radicalization, racism, drugs, pornography, and profanity, without the false positives.

  4. Activity timeline reports

    Comprehensively monitor student internet usage to see exactly when and for how long students have engaged with specific online content throughout the day.

  5. Digital citizenship

    Can your students navigate their digital environment safely? Easily assess a student's digital citizenship by assessing their productive and acceptable content alongside unproductive and unacceptable content.

  6. YouTube monitoring

    Keyword matching on YouTube video titles lets you easily discover videos that may be inappropriate in your school, along with which students spent time watching them, and how long.

  7. Site Clean

    Our unique Site Clean technology lets you see exactly what websites are being browsed, without advertising, ugly content delivery networks, or other unnecessary noise cluttering the reports.

  8. IT, network and security reports

    Designed for the IT team, these reports highlight bandwidth issues, identify threats detected, summarise VPN activity, and make it easy to find firewall policies responsible for blocking or allowing traffic.

Your school. Your data.

KCSiE / Prevent requirements

Satisfy the ‘appropriate monitoring’ requirements set out by the KCSiE guidelines, Prevent duty and the UK Safer Internet Center.

Illegal content | Bullying | Child Sexual Exploitation | Discrimination

Drugs / Substance abuse | Self harm | Violence | Suicide

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