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Gen 7 Security Services

All suites contain the same vital security services as AGSS - Content filtering Service (CFS), Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Capture Advanced Threat Protection (CATP), Application Control, Gateway Anti-Virus, Realtime Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) and 24x7 Support
Only available with Generation 7 appliances:
NSsp 15700, TZ270, TZ370, TZ470 TZ570, TZ670, NSv470, NSv270, NSv470, NSv870

SonicWall security services turns your firewall into a complete security solution. The security services is offered in three subscription bundles – Essential, Advanced and Premier. These security service suites are available from October 2020 only on Generation 7 appliances (e.g. TZ570, TZ670) and will ultimately replace the previous AGSS.

  • SonicWall Essential Protection Service Suite
    This bundle includes the essential security services needed to ensure that the network is protected from known and unknown threats. It features Capture Advanced Threat Protection with RTDMI Technology, Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and Application Control, Content Filtering Service, Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service, Network Visibility and 24x7 Support. Effectively, this is a replacement for the Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS), but with the addition of the "Network Visibility (Topology with Host Info)" feature.
  • SonicWall Advanced Protection Service Suite
    This bundle extends the security from essential suite to provide advanced security for the network. Additional services contained within this bundle include cloud management and cloud-based reporting for 7 days.
  • SonicWall Premier Protection Service Suite (available early-2021)
    This ultimate, top-of-the-line bundle includes advanced bundle services along with Firewall System Check Tool, DNS Security, advanced analytics with 365 days reporting, Cloud App Security (CAS) and Capture Client (CC) licenses. On TZ670/570 models the CAS and CC licenses are available for up to 5 users. Optional Premier support add-on is available for purchase.
Security Suite Comparison
FeatureEssentialAdvancedPremier (coming in 2021)
Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control   
Content Filtering Service   
24x7 Support   
Network Visibility   
Capture ATP (Multi-Engine) Sandboxing   
RTDMI Technology   
Basic DNS Security   
Cloud Management   
Cloud based Reporting – 7 Days   
Advanced Cloud Analytics – Virtual, 365 Days Reporting   
Advanced DNS Security   
Firewall System Check Tool   
Cloud App Security Starter Pack   
Capture Client Starter Pack   
Premier Support   

  - Part of bundle
  - Not available with the bundle, but can be purchased separately
  - Not supported with the bundle

For a complete list of all the features and services available on the new SonicOS 7 available on Generation 7 SonicWall firewalls, download the full datasheet: SonicOS 7 and Security Services.pdf

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